Tuesday, February 21, 2006

South Florida Dreaming

The weather outside my window is dark, dreary, and cold. It is the stereotypical weather of South Georgia in the dwindling days of February. As I listen to the weather man talk about rain and cold - I find myself yearning to return to the sunshine (and my sweetheart) both of which reside in South Florida.

Last Friday, I loaded up my car, and pointed my wheel south on I-95. After gassing up and grabbing a snack at the Chevron station, I was on the road, my clock read 3:30 p.m. Several conversations with Jamie (and Morghan) had led me to believe that the trip would take somewhere between 7.5 to 8.5 hours. I knew that I was tacking on an extra hour, by venturing eastward across Florida to pick up Morghan. But the hour delay would ensure a second driver and someone to talk to as the evening grew late. At 5:05, I crossed the Jacksonville city limits - and the trip went to heck in handbasket at rapid speed. During all of my planning, I had failed to realize that the Daytona 500 was this weekend - which translated into more traffic in the already congested Jville area. It took me more than an hour and a half to maneuver thru the area. Although slightly frustrated, I was still in high spirits - I was getting to see my boyfriend and my best friend - all in one weekend. The joy was short lived - another slowdown in the Daytona area, I-4 was a parking lot all the way from Orlando to Kissimee. My nerves were frayed by the time I arrived at Morghan's apartment. However, my trusty sidekick plied me full of junk food and caffeine, and we once again set out for South Florida. Alas, the traffic gods continued to frown on me - Morghan's Sunpass didn't work coming off the toll road, and 95 was a parking lot in the West Palm/Boca area. Finally at 1:30 a.m., we pulled into Jamie's apartment complex. 10 hours, 4 near accidents, and 2 venting session later - I was wrapped in his arms, and suddenly everything was right with the world.

Saturday, Jamie played host (even though he had a BioChem test to study for). He took us to a local restaurant where we meet up with Beau and another med school friend, Brooke, for lunch. After lunch it was the beach - a bit crowded but the weather was gorgeous. We sunned ourselves for about 4 hours, then decided to call it a day. Jamie, Morghan and I went back to his place for showers - then meet back at Beau's - where Jamie prepared us all dinner. (Cute and he cooks - how lucky am I?). After dinner and a Starbuck's run, Morghan and I made our way out the door, leaving the med students to suffer BioChem. Morghan and I made quite the picture cruising around Ft. Lauderale with me behind the wheel of Jamie's pickup truck. Around midnight the study session broke up and we all crashed shortly thereafter.

On Sunday, we had breakfast at the local IHOP, then it was back to the road. The traffic on the return trip was much more pleasant. And I arrived safely back home - but now - I find myself dreaming about another trip to South Florida. many vacation days to I have?