Thursday, March 30, 2006

Life is Choices

During my high school days one of my favorite teachers would routinely state "Remember that life is choices. Choose wisely". At the time, I along with everyone else would roll my eyes, offer a polite nod of the head, and move on with the day. However, within a few hours of beginning my college career - I realized the magnitude that a single choice can have on your life. I chose to attend Georgia Tech, in my mind a simple decision, but one that gave birth to a myriad of more choices and situations that I would handle over the next five years.

And now, I find myself at another crossroads - both professionally and personally. Professionally, the alternatives are clearly defined, thereby making the decision making process easy. Personally, the situation is extremely complex, loaded with emotions, and the best choice is not readily clear. I have solicited the advice of several close friends - and while I respect their opinions - I am not sure that any of them are in the best position to assist me. So, I have decided to step back, re-evaluate, and wait before making any choices.


Anonymous said...

always remember,"Haste will always make waste." You are showing maturity in making the decision to step back and re-evaluate. Do not wait too long and miss the chance to make the correct decision. You will have my undying love and support in whatever endeavor you shall choose.