Thursday, April 06, 2006

Let's Get Physical

Spring is a time of rebirth. It is in this season that the plants, flowers, and animals that lay dormant during the harsh winter months begun to emerge. New life is abundant as I look out my window - green-leafed trees swaying in the breeze, azaleas adorned in their splendorous garments of pink, red and white, roses blooming heavy along the trellis. I'm surrounded by reminders of the Lord's blessings, the wonder that is the renewal of life.

However, spring's arrival also signals the approaching warm weather. And here in the deep south, it doesn't just get warm - it gets down right HOT. The heat combined with the humidity can make for a sweltering summer. Therefore, us southerners have found ways to compensate. We crank up the air conditioners and ceilings fans, pray for breezes, and shed our clothing to the barest of necessity.

Therein lies my problem. Summer in the South means less clothing which translates into more skin being revealed. And given my own version of winter's hibernation, my skin is less than ready to make its grand appearance. Thus begins my annual spring workout(s).

Longer days and warmer weather makes long walks outside an easy (yet effective) way to exercise. After a winter of being locked indoors, with either the exercise bike or aerobic tapes as my only workout options, my brain and my body welcome this season. There have been those who tell me that I see faster results if I do another form of exercise. However, enjoying the simple beauty of nature, while exercising, is relaxing to mind, body and soul. Those stolen moments force me to slow down the hurried pace of my life and appreciate all that surrounds me. Not to mention, by the time summer reaches the South, my efforts will have paid off.