Thursday, August 31, 2006

If I could turn back time.....

I wouldn't. Tonight my friend and I were wasting time surfing over at MySpace.Com. In our boredom, we stumbled across the profiles of people we've known since childhood. We both marveled at the fact that there pages were filled with photos from high school........nothing more recent. Or some had recent photos, but there still doing the same things they did back then. It seems they all want to recapture their youth, their glory days if you will. NOT ME!

I'll admit that there are moments that I would like to take the wisdom that I've accumulated in my 24 years and impart it to the younger versions of myself. I'd tell the 13 year old me that "Don't rush, I promise you'll grow up - drive a car, get boobs, and yes -- even date". I'd love to slap the 20 old version and say "Don't ever give anyone the power to hurt you. And anyone who does isn't worth your time".

In truth, I've had more fun and joy in the years since high school than I ever did during. In the 6 years since graduation, I've earned a college degree -- while making some crazy memories and a great group of friends. I've become an Aunt (soon to be twice over). I've started a career that I love. And I've met and fallen in love with a great guy.

I am a confident, feisty, independent, self-assured woman. Not an immature, shy, unsure 17 year old girl. And I've learned that there are no such thing as "glory days". Each day is a gift and it's up to you to make the best of it. Why would I want to give that up?