Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving Recap

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. I am left to marvel at how quickly the time went by. It seems that just yesterday Jamie was calling me to inform me that he was home...and we were making plans for that afternoon. And now, as I compose this blog, Jamie is back in Ft. Lauderdale preparing for his final 3 weeks of the semester. And I'm back in the 'Boro, gearing up for my return to work and the final push of my own semester.

The days leading up to Thanksgiving were busy - filled with shopping, dinner with friends, trips to Alma, and lots of cooking and prepping of food. Jamie and I spent the actual holiday with my Mom and Daddy, Jen, Barry, Hannah, Mema, Aunt Gail and Allan. After stuffing ourselves full of lots of food, we dozed again in the hammock. Unlike last year, the weather was a bit cooler, so I made several trips between the hammock and the house to fetch blankets. But we finally managed to get cozy, and dozed for nearly an hour. After the nap, we filled up on desserts, and then began packing things up to head to Jamie's mom's house. Jamie's Mom, Debra, is a nurse and was forced to work Thanksgiving. Since the holiday also happened to be Jamie (and his twin Jason's) birthday, we all decided to move the food to Debra's for an impromptu party. Our gesture was bit suprising but well received. Once again we gorged on food and dessert, before falling into a deep sleep.

On Friday, Jamie and I both arose before dawn. He was off to track the elusive "big buck" in the woods. I was off to fight the crowds at the annual day after Thanksgiving sale. My trip was more productive - as I marked off a few gifts on my gift list. Jamie didn't kill anything but armadillos. Saturday was a lazy day - sleeping in late, watching the G.T./UGA game, and a cook out at his Aunt/Uncle's house.

As the final hours of the weekend roll by, I pause to reflect on how blessed I was to be able to share time with my family and friends. I hope that each of you, dear readers, had an equally joyous holiday.