Monday, June 11, 2007

Time Marches On....

My family always jokes that I have the memory of an elephant. I can remember all the family functions, who was there, what food they brought, and sometimes even the clothes I wore. I know the exact date and location of each of the big firsts in my relationship - first kiss (backseat of his truck parked by the old abandoned barn), first date (the movie Bruce Almighty), first time we said I love you (Valentine's Day 2005)......

In spite of my wonderful memory and all the attention that I devote to details, over the weekend I found myself marveling at how much some of those people closers to me have changed, and I never noticed. Daddy's hair has more gray in it than a few years ago - when did that happen? Hannah is tall enough to reach the faucet by herself - did she grow two inches overnight? Is that a laugh line next to my mouth --- did I just check for wrinkles in the mirror?

It seems that no matter how much I take in, how many people, places and things I try to capture in my mind's eye --- they keep changing.