Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ground Fighting

Mr. M, the chief instructor, was finely feeling better tonight -- so I knew I was in for a good workout. The main premise behind our cardio fight class is learn self defense techniques that can be employed in a "street" setting. This isn't Taekwondo -- this is survival. Tonight's class focused on what to do if one was find oneself on the ground during an altercation. Our first drill had us paired off, with a partner kneeling beside us and wailing away with their punches. The victim's job was to block the punches (think protect your head) while getting back into a standing position. We followed this drill up with another that worked on getting back to our feet in a timely manner. Class ended with us working on our to handle knife attacks.

The 2nd class of the night was Adult Combat Systems (aka Weapons). This was a first for me. So I worked 1 on 1 with Mr. M, learning the form that accompanies our weapon this cycle. I learned the first 15 moves and then practiced on perfecting them.

It was another good day at the gym.