Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Revamping Reflections

Over the last year, my blog roll has gotten larger and larger. It seems that everyday I find another blog that entertains me or captures my interest. As I read more and more of these blogs, I find myself wondering if my blog is entertaining or captivating to those who read it. And to be honest, I don't think that it is.....yet.

I have been compiling a list of ways that I can improve this blog. Pulling from ideas of other bloggers. I have decided that each day is going to have a particularly theme. I will grant that this may seem a bit stilted at first....but bear with me reader. I am hoping by having a theme each day, I can jump start my creative process. So here is the breakdown of the daily theme/topics:

1) Monday: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly - Let's be honest, Mondays are generally rough days. I tend to fall into the "Woe is me, it's Monday". I want to be more positive... so each Monday, I am going to share with my readers, the good things from the day, the bad things, and ugly. Hopefully, there won't be much ugly.

2) Tuesday: Current Events - In order to gain a greater understanding of the world around me, I am going to choose a headline each Tuesday, and offer my opinion.

3) Wednesday: Where I come from../ Who I am ? - I am going to compile entries that center on my ancestors, my major life expereinces, etc. Hopefully, this will help my readers understand who I am.

4) Thursday: Taekwondo - I will share insights from my martial arts experiences

5) Friday : Favorite Quote.

6) Saturday: Random Observations

7) Sunday: Weekend Recap.

I will also be making changes to the look of my blog. As always feel free to offer suggestions/comments/etc.