Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Building a New Life

The loss of a relationship is much like a death. At first there is shock, then sadness....later anger. And when the dust settles, those left behind have to start a life without that special someone. It has been my experience that these people due one of two things: 1) they live in the past holding onto memories and mementos or 2) they make a clean start.

I am opting for the latter. I have decided to relocate from Savannah to Alma. Savannah has too many ties to Jamie, too many memories of our relationship. Alma is home - I have been back less than a week. But in that short time I have been welcomed in numerous ways. I have reconnected with old friends, made new ones, found a church family, signed up for volunteer oppurtunities, and started thinking about what I want out of my future - not how can I fit into someone elses's future.

I left this town 8 years ago vowing never to return. Hasty words from a seventeen year old --- who now at 25 is happy that she can return. No questions asked, I am here and its home....and a start of a new life.


Kathie Brinkman said...

Ironic isn't it that your post from just a few days before your break up was about how you triumphed over another huge obstacle in your life? I do see God at work in your life (albeit through your blog). For a young woman of 25 I think you are making some very wise decisions about how to handle this situation. God bless you.