Sunday, December 07, 2008

What's Cookin, Good-Lookin?

This past week, I found out that my father who has suffered from one heart attack has a few more blocked arteries. In addition to the worry and anxiety this news has caused me (and M), it has prompted us to re-evalute the way we life -- especially the way we eat.

M's father, like my own, is over-weight. And M's family (with whom we eat the majority of our meals) does not always eat in the healthiest manner. So M and I decided to volunteer to start cooking for the entire family. They would supply the meat, we'd supply the healthy recipes.

I am excited to give it a go in kitchen. Not only will I get to practice my culinary skills, but I'll be helping our family (I am marrying M in 103 days, so I guess I should start calling his family mine too) to eat healthier.*

Tomorrow's Dinner will be : BBQ Steak Wraps. Check back to the recipe and pics.

*Before anyone asks why I am not doing the same for my Dad. I am sharing all the recipes I find with my parents, who in turn will prepare as needed. But since they are empty nesters, my parents tend to eat small meals in the evening and usual out - i.e. salads with grilled chicken, Subway etc. M's parents, Grandmother, and Brother and sister-in-law all live within minutes of our home. And since I eat all my dinner's with M - it seemed only logical to include his family. Whew, that was a lengthy explanation, but hopefully you all followed me.