Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Thank You Card Etiquette

Okay readers, I need your help. After two showers, the thank you cards that need to be sent are racking up (we are close to 100 already – and have 2 showers left to go). With that being said, I wanted to ask “Would it be rude to type the message on the inside of the card?” Each message will be personalized for the gift and the giver and will have our signatures.



Peter Hopkins said...

Dear Kimberly:

That certainly is a lot of thank-you notes to write! Two things come to mind. Think of how lucky you are to have 100 notes to write - and with two showers to go! The second thought is I would guess that by the time you feed the stationery into your printer, change the greeting and personalize with the gift, that the time spent would be very close to that of writing by hand. Whenever a task seems like it's overwhelming, just break it down into smaller, more reasonable portions. Write five or six a day, if your timeframe allows. If not, then it's 10 a day. And when you're writing, just imagine how pleased that person will be to receive a handwritten note from you.

With best regards,
Peter Hopkins

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

I wouldn't think it rude... I am a much faster typist than I am a writer... I think if the message is personal enough for people to know it was written specifically for them it would be fine... don't forget, you'll have MORE to write after the wedding!

Pro Deo et Patria said...

You'll enjoy those things the hundred people gave you for the rest of your life - surely they can have five minutes of your time to write them a thank-you note. Then again, I have it easy, not having 100 to write!

If you can tolerate M's handwriting, I'm sure he's a qualified thank-you note-writer as well. I lucked out - my M can't tolerate my handwriting. :-)

Kathie Brinkman said...

I think acknowledging the gift is the most important thing. Whether handwritten or typed. I just wouldn't send an email. But do enlist the help of your man. These are gifts that are for him as well--or things that he will benefit from. But you also live in the South where people are more fussy about etiquette. What does your mom and mother-in-law to be have to say? Probably for sure do the older folks (age 50 and above) a hand written, your younger friends would be happy with a computer generated one.