Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Here I go again....

My entrance into the world of blogging was simply a response to the desire not to be left behind. At the time that I began composing my LJ, it seemed that virtually everyone that I knew had a blog in some form or fashion. Never on to be content on missing the latest trend, I jumped abroad the LJ bandwagon, and within weeks had become a blogging fanatic. My blog provided me an outlet to express my thoughts and feelings while providing my family and friends (who are spread to the four corners of the earth) a way to keep abreast of the events of my life.

Once again, I am trying to keep up with Jones (or in this case the Burels and Kim D.) and have decided to move my blog from LJ to Blogspot. K.B. assures me that Blogspot will be a better overall experience for me. The decision to move is bittersweet, as my LJ was my avenue for capturing life changing events - such as the beginning of my relationship with Jamie, the birth of my nephew, and significant personal revelations and epiphanies. I know, that my friends and family have enjoyed my LJ, and I hope that this new incarnation of my blog will prove just as enjoyable for all.


By the Sea said...

Welcome to the world of BlogSpot. I think you'll like it better here. Look forward to reading more in the future!

GTMayhem said...

Sure would be nice if you actually got my address correct. :P