Thursday, December 15, 2005

Head of the Class

Occasionally, I entertain these wild notions of forgoing a successful career in health care administration, to pursue a career in teaching. Usually, these thoughts pass without action on my part. Sometimes, I have to actually step in front of a group of students to quiet these urgings.

Generally, to satisfy my need, I travel to my hometown and assume the leadership of my father's 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math classes. As I type these word, I have been in the classroom for more than 3 hours and have already taught 2 classes of sixth graders how to find the area of circle. Those classes are a teacher's ideal - students who are eager to learn, easy to mold, and above all else WELL BEHAVED. There is an amazing sense of accomplishment that develops within you, when you realize that a child finally understands the information you have been trying so diligently to convey.

And realizing that I have played a small part in the education of student's has once again silenced my urges, and I can return my focus to my chosen career path.


GTMayhem said...

Hmph. That's funny, because lately I've been having thoughts of returning to the classroom. Sometimes, I miss it. When that final lightbuld goes off in the student's head, you feel like you've accomplished something. Lately, I've felt like I've been missing that sense of accomplishment. Maybe it'll get better once I get out and into practice. But right now, as much as I hate exams and all, I could still see myself back in the classroom, but as you said as the "head of the class"... in front of everyone.

Remember that class we took our freshman year... Tuesday nights... three hours that somehow always turned into two because you, me and Sarah had to make a ballgame or two. Maybe one day I'll take over that class. I'll have the qualifications.

By the Sea said...

I suggest you consult with NavyBride before making the decision to enter any classroom on a long-term basis. ;-)

GTMayhem said...

Dude, I'm not talking about a kids classroom... I was thinking more like undergrad or law school...