Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Big Risk, Bigger Reward

In August of 2005, I took a big risk in leaving my paying job for a non-paying internship. At the time I wonder if I was making the right decision . The months following my decision were tumultuous. The internship, which had seemed daunting initially, turned out to be rather simple. I had adjusted my life to devote large blocks of time to the projects, only to find out that a few hours twice a week was required.

The months rolled by, holidays approached, and I watched my savings dwindled to nearly nothing. As the new year emerged, I was left feeling bitter - thinking that I had made a big mistake. But I kept on going. And I'm glad I did. A few months into the new year, I got a great
new job. I landed the position, due in part, to the projects I tackled while interning. Finally, I felt at peace with my decision.

The wisdom in my choice was reinforced today by a former co-worker. I met her for lunch and listened as she regaled me with the latest "horror stories" from the office. Tales of deceit, pettiness, back-biting, tattle-tails....on and on.... it seems that the professional company I left behind has disintegrated into a bad version of middle school. As she finished her tirade, she posed the question, "Aren't you glad you got out?".

Without hesitation, I answered "Yes, yes I am."


Anonymous said...

Tis about time you add to your lamentations on this creative communication device you have created. I though you had regressed in your abilities to communicate. i suppose I should have known better. I told you there will always be a rope to get you back to the top of the peak if you are patient and look hard enough. To hell with georgie