Thursday, July 06, 2006

Forcing the Issue

I have no tidbits of news or interesting insights that I need divulge. My creative juices have dried to the merest of trickles. And yet, I feel the overwhelming compulsion to write. Perhaps, the writer in me knows, that sometimes you have to push past the "blocks" - to put pen to paper (or fingers to keys) - in order to compose that perfect collection of words and phrases.

Although, my blogging has been minimal as of late, I have faithfully maintained readership to my favorite blogs. As I read the entries composed by close friends, acquaintances, and the random stranger - I find myself wishing that my blog was [ insert adjective here]. Maybe with more depth like K.B.'s. Filled with more humorous events like Rachaels.

I find myself wondering if my blog has simply morphed into a play by play accounting of my life. The simple I did this, at this time, on this date, with these people. That isn't what I had envisioned my blog to be at its creation. Yet, when I read my past entries, I found myself surprised at the insight contained in some of them.

So, I find myself continuing to hack away at my keyboard. The click/clack of the keystrokes a testament to my love of writing - even the mundane.