Friday, August 25, 2006

A rock and a hard place

Have you ever found yourself in one of those situations where you were at a loss as what to do? My Daddy always called such things "a rock and a hard place". Today a loved one (who shall remain nameless) shared some news about their health. With the next breath, they swore me to secrecy, asking that I not tell the rest of the family about the doctor's findings.

The rational side of me knows that this family member is going to be healthy. That the prescribed procedure are routine, and more for diagnostic purposes than treatment. However, a part of me is worried --- fearful of all the things that could go wrong, even more afraid of what the test might show. And I want to share my burden with someone, but I can't.

Do I unburdened myself and confide in another family member? If so, I run the risk of making the first family member upset. That's the rock. The hard place is bearing this secret alone.

Pray for me and for that unnamed family member.


Anonymous said...

Keep your promise to your family member. Your word is your bond. Call on Jesus to help you with this secret. He will not leave you in the lurch.