Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Comings and Goings

I apologize my dear and faithful readers (all four or five of you) for the large gap in between this and my last post. As you may know already, every few weeks my life hits one of those stretches where I am so busy coming and going, that I rarely have time for more than the essentials of eating, showering and sleeping. Such is my life these days.

Two weeks ago I enjoyed a brief respite in sunny (and sometimes stormy) South Florida. Since my return to the dirt roads of South Georgia, my calendar has been packed with meetings and appointments across the Georgia map. Last week, it was 2 trips to Savannah. This week is a trip to Savannah followed by a long weekend in Alma. After that, it is a Vidalia, Atlanta, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Ft. Lauderdale, and Cordele --- all in consecutive weeks. In between all of my trips, I have to find time for my workouts at the gym, writing my Master's thesis, and doing homework for the Operations class that I am currently taking. Additionally, I hope to find a few moments of just plain old "me time" - where I do those things I enjoy (reading, writing, etc) or maybe just nothing at all.

Alas, I have said all that to say this...... the reflections in the coming weeks may be few and far between. However, I hope that you'll still stop by and when you do you'll find a bit of enlightenment, or at the least a break from your own comings and goings.


Anonymous said...

I knew you had it inside you. You are my first-born. You are a true winner. As you go along your busy way, take time to smell the roses, hell, just make the roses. i will ever be proud of you and thank you for allowing me to have some of my dreams come true. you know what dreams iam referring to. Always remember to hell with the cesspool of the south. Go forward with speed and reach the top of the mountain, but do not forget the view up to the top.