Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It will always be Home

Over the weekend Alma, GA celebrated its 100th birthday. A monumental occasion in any life, even that of a town, the local citizens had been planning a celebration for nearly a year. My own beloved father was set to act in the Centennial play and ride in the parade. Being a dutiful daughter, I felt the need to spend the weekend helping Alma celebrate. I'm quite glad that I did.....because it reminded me of the reasons that I will always love that town.

On Thursday night, a myriad of townspeople packed into the local theater to watch other town folk portray the 100 years of Alma history. As I watched the 2 hour production, I was amazed at the hard work and effort that went into the play. I learned my first lesson of the weekend .... Small towns always remember their roots....

On Friday night, the local high football team was slated to face a tough opponent. The team is small in size and slow in speed, but they make up for it in heart. Prior to kickoff, a ceremony honoring all past State Champions.... Lesson 2: Small town heroes never die....and they accomplishments are always worth remembering. . The Raiders took a tough loss to our opponents, but the stands remained full until the end.... Lesson 3: We support our own, for better or worse .

Saturday afternoon saw the streets lined with cars, trucks, SUVs and lots of people are eagerly awaiting the parade (and the free candy that accompanies parades). I rode with Daddy in the VFW float (okay, it was an F-150 with posters). As I sat in the backseat, tossing out tootsie rolls and bubble gum, a variety of people shouted my name -- waving at me and telling me how happy they were to see me. The greetings continued the entire parade route and well into the evening's festivities. I hadn't seen some of these people in nearly 6 years....Lesson 4: No matter how far away you go or how long you stay away, your hometown will always be home.....and you will always be welcomed back with open arms.


Anonymous said...

This is the best yet, Enough said.