Sunday, March 25, 2007

Good times with Great People

It never ceases to amaze me how a few moments shared with my friends and family can help to lift my spirits. This week I got a great lift as I had several opportunities to fellowship with the people I care about most.

On Thursday night, I met my good friend Reagan for dinner. We share an appetizer, a few margaritas and lots of laughs over a tasty steak dinner. Then we headed back to her place for some gossip and Grey's Anatomy.

Friday afternoon was a bright and sunny day, so my manger Tracy gave us a "Mental Health Friday". I spent it shopping with Aunt Gail. We went from shop to shop trying on outfits, laughing at some of the hideous ones, and just relaxing.

Saturday I headed to the big city of Alma to visit the family. Hung out with Daddy at the VFW golf tournament, then spoiled my nephews. There is no more peaceful feeling in the world than holding a sleeping baby.

Today I went to church, had lunch with the family, then hung out with Jessica. We lounged around before deciding to make an ice cream run. After enjoying this delicious "summer time" treat, we went to the local park to play a game of tennis.

Now, I'm finally at home preparing to turn in for the night. I'm ready to face another week....thanks to the moments of the last few days.