Monday, April 16, 2007

Virgina Tech Shooting

Today began as normal Monday for me. The alarm went off too early, and I grumbled under my breathe, as I shuffled into the home office to boot up my computer and being another work week.

Up at V.T., hundreds of students began what they thought to be just another Monday morning. And then a horrific tragedy struck, a gunmen opens fire in a dorm and the in a classroom building across town. At last check, the death toll is 33 with many more injuried.

Tonight I find myself recalling another time, another college campus, when a 20 year old girl was forced to realize that her world wasn't as safe as she once thought. And now as a 25 year old woman, my sense of security has once again been breached, another realization that the world I was knew isn't that way anymore.

While I can not imagine what the families of V.T. students are feeling......I can relate somewhat to the situation. So I offer my thoughts and prayers for those who were lost and those who are left behind to deal with another senseless tragedy.