Wednesday, April 25, 2007


For the last several days, the idea of this post has been stewing in my brain. Maybe it's because every time I turn on the radio, I hear the new song "Find Out Who Your Friends Are". So today, I am composing this blog as a tribute to my dearest friends.

Jessica - You've known me longer than most. You can remember the nerdy girl who sported glasses, braces, and really bad hair. You've helped me to discover my inner "girlie-girl". Thanks
for all the tips. Every milestone we've shared together, I can't wait to share the next one.

Morghan - Thanks for all the crazy memories with road trips, double-stuffed oreos, and first kisses. I'd be lost without you and those late night AIM sessions. I'll never forget you driving to Atlanta because I'd been dumped - that's love.

Kim D. - When I think about you, I think about that small town girl who was terrified of the big city. You didn't let me stay that way for long. You challenged me to try new things, see new places, and let go of my past. You put up with me and all my boyfriend drama which was a lot.....

Ben aka Streamline - To date, you are the only man in the world whose held my hair for me while I threw-up. That's big time dedication. You are always ready to listen when I have one of my "moments". I love you!