Monday, June 04, 2007

Shaping Up

I've never been the most athletic person, much to the chagrin of my football coaching father. During my adolescent years, I was always the smallest kid, which translated into being the last one picked for anything - kickball, dodgeball, etc. Couple that with the fact that I possess the uncanny ability to break bones without much effort - and sports became veritable minefield for me.

By the time I started college, I had developed the notion that some people are born to possess those trim/toned bodies , and some of us - namely me - aren't designed that way. That thought became my excuse for not exercising, eating junk food, and ultimately choosing unhealthy ways to lose weight. If someone suggested I take up sports, or shudder running, I would brush the comments away with "I'm not designed that way....this is the way I've always been and the way I'll always be".

Then I met and fell in love with Mr. Athlete himself. Not only is he a former baseball player, he dapples in golfing, tennis and my arch enemy running. To make matters worse (or better - my perspective changes daily) he has started challenging me to be more "active". He knows that I respond to challenges, which is why he on occasion when I'm wallowing in my less-than-fit-i-hate-my-body-blues, reminds me "Then change it."

And that's what I intend to do. However, unlike previous attempts I am approaching this with a realistic view. I know I won't drop 15 pounds in a month, I know that the body and level of health I want won't happen over night. This time around, I'll play to my strengths not my weaknesses. I won't attempt to beoome a runner - when I (and a several doctors) have told me my knees won't take it. Instead, I fall in love with my treadmill again, take a few aerobics classes, and pick up weights. The hardest part will be changing my diet.

I have an inheirted sweet tooth - my grandmother use to eat M&Ms by the bag, the 1lb kind, my mother loves Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and the other women in my family think every meal should end with dessert. I've taken their habits and made them my own. So I'm reducing the sweets I eat, as well as the carbs. Notice I said reduce, not eliminate - I tried that once before. It worked for two days - then I ate 3 candy bars, a pint of ice cream, and about a pound of pasta. Nope deprivation isn't the way to go.....

So there you have it folks, my plan of action. Watch for updates on my progress. And feel free to offer suggestions if you have them.