Tuesday, September 25, 2007

For You Daddy

My father reads my blog religiously -- I guess it breaks up the monotony of his 2+ hour planning period. Last weekend, he complained that my writing had been scarce as of late. I suppose that his statement is true, and is do in large part to the fact that my life has fallen into a very pleasant routine - wake up, go to work, go to taekwondo, come home - shower, eat, sleep - then repeat. In times past, the "routine" would have begun to wear on my nerves and I would be getting that caged feeling. But I'm not.

Instead I find myself feeling relaxed, content. Well, almost. There is that nagging little fact that I haven't seen Jamie in more than 5 weeks, and another 3 weeks stand between me and my visit down there. Luckily, he finishes his surgery rotation on Friday - which means more free time. :-)

I test for my orange belt a week from Friday. I'm starting to feel a bit nervous - I know what I need to do --- just have to make sure that my mind and body works as one .

Guess that's it for now.