Saturday, October 06, 2007

What a Rush

It has been nearly 12 years since I competed in any form of organized sports, had any sort of competition, or measurement of my knowledge,skill, or athleticism. So when Friday afternoon rolled around, I was not surprised to find my stomach beginning to knot, as I thought of my upcoming belt test. My palms started sweating and my throat got dry...... I was in quite a state. Then I remember the rituals that I went thru in years gone by......those "pre-game" moments that always calmed my nerves.

First, I called my Daddy. I patiently listened to him give me the same pep talk he always had. "You can do this......just focus on doing what you've learned to do.......imagine everyone else naked" (Don't ask). Then I turned on the radio and blared the music. Justin came home to find me dancing around to a mixture of heavy metal, rap, and country. Once I had worked off my nervous energy, I donned my uniform and drove to the gym.

At 6:15 belt testing began, I watch my fellow students test -- blacks, browns, blues, then I heard my name called. This was my moment, what I had been studying for for the last 5 weeks. And within the span of 10 minutes, I had done it: performed my form, showed my self-defense techniques, and my sparring 1-steps. A little bit later, I showed the instructors the skills that I had honed in my cardio fight class: disarming someone with a gun, with a knife, and block a punch to counter with a punch of my own and a leg sweep. Finally, it was time for board breaks. I watched as my fellow students did the hand technique board breaks. Then it was my turn. I eyed the board as I practice my knife hand strike, then I asked permission to break the board. Then I did! With a shout and a satisfying crack, the board broke. It was an awesome moment. The same feeling washed thru me when I broke a board with my sidekick.

Now testing is over, I haven't 'officially' been awarded my Orange belt. But I know that I have done well, and I am happy!