Tuesday, October 16, 2007


After a week long training in Atlanta, I was eager to make my great escape and head down to Florida to see Jamie. I hadn't seen my boyfriend in 8 weeks, so my anticipation was running high..... unfortunately fate was conspiring against me.

First, the Marta tracks caught on fire, which led to a 2 hour delay at the Lakewood station. The delay meant that I missed my flight. So I had a 5 hour lay-over at Hartsfield, during which I shuffled from gate to gate hoping that I would be cleared for a flight. However, flying standby places you at the mercy of others. So I didn't get on a plan till 9 p.m., placing me in Florida after 11 p.m.

Thankfully things began looking up from that point. Jamie picked me up, after which we met up with the gang at Dave and Buster's. It was a nice adult beverage, video games, and laughter.....before heading to his place to crash. On Saturday, he made me breakfast, before we headed to the Keys. Although we could not go snorkeling, we did take in the sites at Key West. Then a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant, Marker 88. On Sunday, we shared breakfast at IHOP, walked the beach, did a bit of shopping, and played a few rounds of minature golf. Finally, at 7 p.m., the wagons loaded up and headed back to Georgia.

It was a great-trip.


NavyBride said...

Good for you!