Tuesday, November 13, 2007

8 Things

Eight Things I am Passionate About

1. Georgia Tech – I've been fanatical about G.T. since an early age. Now that I am a proud alum, the level of passion has only increased.
2. My family. I have 2 of the world's coolest parents, a awesome little sister that isn't so little anymore, 2 adorbable nephews, 1 wise Granny, and a slew of aunts, uncles and cousins that enrich my life and help to make me a better person.
3. Taekwondo. I've only been doing it for 12 weeks, but it has already become a big part of my life. I am starting to think in terms of how each daily activity effects my overall goals in this martial art.
4. Romance Novels. Okay, I know that some (ahem, Jamie) think that these books are trashy and don't count as good reading. Perhaps that's true. But for me there are a guilty pleasure, that I couldn't leave without.
5. Roadtrips. Whether it's a trek to a sporting event with Kim, or a random trip with Morghan (double stuff oreos nearby), I love the feel of being in a vehicle, windows down, and radio turned up, just watching the world go by.
6. Animals. Dogs will always be at the top of my least. However, all animals rank in my book. I HATE animal cruelty and think those who hurt animals deserve severe punishment.
7. Friends. I am lucky enough to have a wide array of friends, who always seem to know how to make laugh.
8. Learning. 2 college degrees later, and I still have a passion for learning.

Eight Things I Want To Do Before I Die

1. Visit Australia.
2. See Washington, D.C.
3. Visit Scotland/Ireland.
4. Get married, hopefully have kids, and watch them grow up to be great adults.
5. Earn my blackbelt.
6. Win a State Championship in Taekwondo
7. Get something of mine published – be it book, article
8. Go to a World Series Game.

Eight Things I Say Often

1. Huh
2. Please (imagine sarcastic tone)
3. I love you
4. It's all good.
5. For real.
6. Yes!
7. I'm tired/sore.
8. Awesome

Eight Books I've Recently Read

1. The Final Harry Potter Novel
2. Confessions of a Shopaholic
3. Shopaholic Takes Manhattan
4. 21 Laws of Leadership
5. Dress in White and Gold (A history of Georgia Tech)
6. As the Crow Flies
7. Dr. Zhivago
8. All the King's Men

Eight Songs That I Could Listen To Over And Over

1. "Carried Away" by George Strait
2. "Far Away" by Nickelback
3. "Woman in Love" by Ronnie Milsap
4. "Clumsy" by Fergie
5. "I wanna hold your Hand" by The Beatles
6. "Will you Still love me tomorrow" by The Shirelles
7. "When your Gone" by Avril Lavigne
8. "The Red Strokes" by Garth Brooks

Eight Things That Attract Me To My Best Friends

1. Big sense of humor.
2. Down to Earth.
3. Caring.
4. Generous. I'm not talking money or gifts here, but time and effort.
5. Fun.
6. Not overly sensitive i.e. thick skinned.
7. A good ear.
8. Interesting..

Eight Things I Have Learned This Past Year

1. Nothing is impossible if you just put your mind to it.
2. Bad things happen, often in 3's.
3. Keeping secrets, even for "good" reason, usually blows up in your face.
4. Sleep is highly underrated.
5. Kids are smarter than you think. So be careful what you say.
6. My nephews are growing up so fast, I'm watching them go from little blobs, to little people complete with their own personalities.
7. Family has nothing to do with blood relations.
8. A house is just a building you inhabit. A home really is where you and your family share your lives together.

Eight People That Should Do This MeMe and Not Complain
Okay, I'm not sure that I have 8 people who read my blog AND have one of their own. So to cover myself, if you read this, you have to repost.