Monday, November 12, 2007


What's orange, black and blue all over? .....(drum roll)..... Me! Mr. M, our Chief instructor and school owner, was out sick tonight. So I went into class expected a more relaxed workout from Mr. C. Historically speaking, Mr. C's classes have focused on drills that reinforced the basics of Taekwondo. While I understand, that I as a low rank, really need to grasp the basics. I found myself often not giving a 100%, which translated in less than stellar workout.

Not so this evening. Mr. C began the cardio fight class with about 10 minutes of conditioning....think speed jump rope, followed by chair taps (that's a drill in which you have to alternate toe taps on the top of a chair, then moved on to a drill that had us semi-crawling across the floor. After conditioning, we moved onto sparring. By the end of cardio fight class, my legs were sore and my arms were jelly. But apparently, I'm a glutton for punishment, because I stuck around for the Traditional Adult Class.

After a 6 minute warm up of bag work, we moved into kicking drills. Try doing double round kicks after 30 minutes of sparring......big challenge. After the drills, we were divided by belt to work on our material for the upcoming testing. I practiced my form several times, focusing on perfecting the techniques. Also worked on my 1-steps and self-defense.

Now I'm hot, sweaty and sore. Next on the agenda is a shower, a bite of dinner, and then bed. I have a feeling I'll sleep great tonight.