Sunday, January 13, 2008

Library Wish List

My love of books started at an early age. While most of my kindergarten classmates were mastering the ability to identify their names, I was learning to read. I still remember the first story I ever read on my own "The 10 Bears". From that point forward I come to cherish books.

As a small child, books were a way for me to learn and sharpen my mind. The books helped me to learn about people, place, things, letters, numbers. By the time I reached elementary school, books became a way for me to "escape". By picking up a book, I could be transported to somewhere other than my sleepy little hometown. In high school, books continued to serve as my means of escape - I would read during lunch, when I didn't have anyone to sit with at the lunch table.

Now that I am adult, books have become all of those things are more to me. Sometimes I read to educate myself, somedays I read to make myself laugh, sometimes to make myself cry, and sometimes to just let myself escape. My bookshelves are sagging under the weight of a myriad of books - romance, mystery, suspense, biographies and more. And each of those books are well worn, as they have all been read multiple times. The collection is still growing. I normally buy at least 10 books a month. That barely puts a dent in my ever growing reading list. Jamie jokes that I am halfway to building a library. Perhaps he is right.

Here are my top 10 wants for my library:

1) The complete BoxCar Children collection (I discovered these books when I was 8, and tried to months to get Daddy to buy a boxcar and put it in the backyard)

2)The Anne of Green Gables Collection (As a awkward teenager, I could relate to Anne's desire to be accepted by her peers. Now that I am older, I find myself relating to her struggle with finding herself amidst a career and love)

3)The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (I love his work)

4)The Canterbury Tales

5)Don Quixote (I think all of us have chased windmills at one time or another)

6) Little Women

7)The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

8)Aesop's Fables

9)The Outsiders

10)Any work of Charles Dickens.

What would be on your Top 10?


By the Sea said...

Have you ever played with LibraryThing? You'd love it.

My library is at

That's how I get the books on the side of my blog.