Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Money, Money, Money

No - I didn't win the lottery. I am sure that if I did you'd still be hearing my screams of shock and joy. Of course, that's assuming I didn't pass out at the news.

This is a much more mundane post. One of my goals for the year 2008 was to take better control of my finances. I have a good paying job - my highest salary to date - but I am still spending like I am in college. You know, giving in to the impulse buys, not really saving, eating out all the time, using my credit card more than I should.

I would have probably kept up my habits well into the spring, if the transmission in my car hadn't died. Hearing that I was going to have a repair that totaled nearly $2,000.00 stopped me (and my credit card) cold.

Afte wrestling with the numbers, I was ready to explode. Then a good friend offered their assistance. With their aid, I have set up a budget and came up with a savings plan. Additionally, I found 2 part-time jobs that do not interfere with my current responsibilities, allow me to work if, and when I want, and pay decent wages. This money will be funneled directly into my new high-yield savings account.

Barring any major disasters or shopping sprees, by year's end I should have paid off my credit card and managed to save up enough for a very sizeable down payment on a new vehicle. It is really amazing the weight that is lifted from my shoulders now that I have taken control of my money.


C said...

One of my goals is to be out of debt by the end of this year. It's gonna be tough for sure - but it's doable.You sound like you're already on your way to world domination ;) Good luck!