Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Statement of Faith

For a lot of years, I have hidden my true beliefs. In order to be accepted by others, I have watered-down my faith or in some instances went directly against the morals and values that I hodl so dear. NO MORE! Tonight I realized just what I had been doing, and it ends now.

I am Christian. That means that I believe:

1) Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary.
2) He is God's Holy and Perfect Son.
3) He was sent to Earth to act as a sacrifice for sin.
4) He died on cross on Calvary - and that he willing chose to do so. His death was God's plan for Salvation.
5) 3 days after his death he rose again. Thereby defeating sin.
6) If a man believes in Christ, confesses his sin, and accepts Jesus into his life.....He is Saved.

I also believe that Christians are not perfect. But if we are living by our faith, we should strive to do the right thing at ALL times. While we may be part of the world, we do not have to be like the world.

Others are entitled to their beliefs. I can not change someone's mind. And I won't beat you about the head with my Bible. But no longer will I hide - I am Christian and as one I am called to share my faith.