Monday, February 11, 2008

5 Things that Made me Happy Today

1) Getting my car out of the auto repair shop. As much as I enjoyed driving my Daddy's F-150....I love my car. The seats are adjusted just the way I like them, it has the yummy strawberry scent I love (not that yucky pine stuff in the truck), my favorite stations are pre-programed on the radio, and my CD collection is in it. After 3 weeks of listening to just 1 CD, this was enough to make me very happy.

2) Having 2 bags of clothes that I can give to the Salvation Army. In the process of packing up my clothes for the move to Alma, I realized that numerous things in my closet do not fit anymore. It seems that my diet and exercise routine are paying dividends.....YEA!!! So Mama and I bagged up pants, skirts, tops, and suits all of which will be used to help someone in need.

3) Snickers Bar - Chocolate, peanuts, nogut....Need I say more?

4) Having Dinner with 3 of my favorite people. Mama, Daddy, Aunt Gail and I laughed over a delish dinner of Mexican favorites. It is always wonderful to share time with those you love.

5) Finding 3 cute skirts.....on sale.... that fit.