Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Granny!

Today my Grandmother turned 82 years old. In those 82 years, she married then man of her dreams and was by his side for 43 years. She was a mother to 3 children, a grandmother to 9, a great grandmother to 7, and a great-great grandmother to 1.

Growing up, my Granny and I often butted heads. She always said it was because I was stubborn like my father (admittedly, I am). But she never seemed to remember that my father's stubborn streak, came directly from her. Our relationship changed when I moved off for college - perhaps it was the distance, the years, or something more - but I found myself calling her for advice. The requests were always different, once I needed a recipe, once I wanted her opinion on a boy I was seeing, and once I was homesick but I didn't want Mama and Daddy to know. And each time, she was there with the right words to say. Each conversation ended with her telling me that she loved me and was praying for me.

And I knew that it was true. By the world's standards, my grandmother is not the most educated woman, or the most sophisticated. But she is a woman of high morals and incredible faith. Her love for her family and friends knows no limits.

So today, I wish her a wonderful birthday and pray that God blesses her with many more. And perhaps one day, I may become half the woman she is.