Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Breakfast Ideas?

My mornings usually start with a Carmello bar - not the best breakfast. In the past week, I have converted to eating oatmeal as my first meal of the day. And while it is quite yummy, and there are way to vary oatmeal, I am finding myself growing bored.

Do any of you have yummy recipes for breakfast? I am looking for something that is quick, possible transportable, and has a touch of sweetness to it. Ideas?


Slenderella said...

I'm a milk and cereal kind of gal, but that's not transportable. Hmmm, how about a banana one morning, a muffin the next, oatmeal the next (I do oatmeal on occasion, yum), breakfast bar? Now you've got me thinking for myself too. :-)

The Better Idiot said...

could you get a travel mug thing and start making smoothies to take wit you? You'd get a mix of fruit and it would be good for you.

Token Fat Girl said...

hey kimberly! I just added your 21 day pledge to my blog. yay. okay im overly excited haha
anyway for breakfast, I sometimes eat oatmeal, toast, eggs, turkey bacon, zone bars, yogurt, fruit. I usually try to eat protein, it gives me energy and I stay fuller longer.