Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Avoiding the Pitfalls

Later this week M's extended family will be coming into town (Aunt, Uncle, 2 cousins, their spouses, and 4 children). Their arrival will mark the beginning of 3 days that could potentially derail my goals.

Friday night we are planning on eating out - M says that the last time the entire family went out to eat, they wound up at Ryan's. The thought of having to find supper at a buffet style restaurant is a bit daunting. I am crossing my fingers that we eat somewhere else, but if we don't - I am planning on starting with a large veggie laden salad, then a small chicken breast and more veggies as sides. I will have to avoid the rolls with honey butter. After dinner, we are suppose to have an ice cream social at M's Mama's house. I am going to bring my own ice cream and measure out my portion.

Saturday is the family reunion. I plan on working out that morning and eating a healthy breakfast. Then for lunch at the reunion, I am going to allow myself to have small portions of my favorite dishes. I will make sure to eat really light for supper. That way I do not feel deprived but do not over do it.

Sunday is Sunday lunch with the family. I am planning on another veggie laden salad.

Hopefully, by planning ahead, I can stick to my goals.