Monday, July 28, 2008

10 Things I did this Weekend

1) Made dinner by lamp light - The power went out about 8 p.m. on Friday and was down for 45 minutes. M and I were having dinner at his parent's house. So while his mom finished a few cakes she was decorating, we fried pork chops by lamp light. (Thank goodness for gas stoves and oil lamps)

2) Ate a whole bowl of homemade icing - Yumo!

3) Rode Pirate's passage at Summer Waves - Twice

4) Spent too much money at the outlet stores in Darien, GA. - M and I found a Book Warehouse that had children's books marked way down. We picked up 2 copies of the Velveteen Rabbit for $2 each.

5) Tried a new (at least to me) restaurant - M and I took Aunt Gail out for her birthday. We had supper at Millhouse Steakhouse. The menu had 120 items and making a decision was really hard. Not only was the food was great, but the portions were huge. M's pasta dish literally had 3 pounds of pasta. We will be going there again.

6) Fell asleep to the sound of the breeze blowing thru the pines. - After supper on Saturday night, M and I stayed at Aunt Gail's house. Her A/C is on the outs, so we had all the windows open. A soft breeze was stirring and it whooshing threw the trees put me out fast.

7) Had fantastic barbecue for lunch on Sunday.

8) Ate too much candy from Savannah Candy Kitchen - Milk chocolate gophers, chocolate truffles, home made ice cream, peanut brittle, and pralines.

9) Taught Hannah the history of the waving girl.

10) Had an amazing weekend with my wonderful boyfriend.