Tuesday, July 29, 2008

HYC Week #30

I have a problem. No it is not a huge family crisis, illness, or addiction. It is much simpler than that. Whenever I get close to my goal, I take that as an excuse to "live it a little". For me, however, that little turns into a major binge. Take this weekend for example. Friday night I ate fried chicken sandwich, cracker salad - and that was after I had eaten a small bowl of homemade icing, at least 60 teddy graham crackers, a chocolate bar, and tortilla chips. The binge continued Saturday - 2 huge oatmeal pies, an ice cream cone, and a huge dinner out. And Sunday, well Sunday we went to the Candy Kitchen on Riverstreet in Savannah. Imagine what you would do in a store full of homemade candy..... yea, it was bad?

Logically, I know that I should tell myself. "You messed up - but there is nothing you can do to change the past. Refocus and move forward." But what I should do is not what I do. Instead, I emotional beat myself up - calling myself names, and telling myself that I will never make it to my goals. It is the same type of behavior I displayed when I was in the throes of my eating disorder. Needless to say, it makes me - and those who love me (i.e. M) - really nervous.

Sunday Night, M and I had a long discussion about our health and our goals. M vowed to help me achieve my goals and to keep me on track. But he told me that he would not stand by and let me beat myself up over slips and falls along the way. I feel much better now and am ready to make the final push to my goal weight.

In my weight in, I was up 1.4 pounds - no big surprise given all the food I ate last weekend. I've planned out my meals and my exercise plan for the week, so that 1.4 pounds should be gone by week 31. As always, I will close the post with my goals:

1) 4 Turbo Jam workouts
2) 2 lifting workouts
3) Drink 8 glasses of water

Have a great week everyone!


Twix said...

woah - that was a big binge! You know what? I do the same thing and I have no clue why. Those goals sounds great. Stay on track and a have an out of this world fantastic week!! :D

Anonymous said...

Re-focus and move forward. That is the key. Good for M, Don't beat yourself up over it, change it. I sabotage myself too at times. But I pick myself up & move on! Have a better week!

Mama Bear June said...

That definitely was a crazy binge! Keep your focus and determination. You know you can do it since you have been doing such a great job to get to where you are now. No self-flagellation allowed. Take an honest look at what you did and don't do it again!!!! ;-)
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