Friday, July 18, 2008

Comedy of Errors

A week ago, I lost my SecurId token. This a token that randomizes numbers every 30 seconds and is part of the process I undergo to access my work files. As soon as I realized that it was lost, I reported it to my manager. She in turn requested a new token be sent to me from our IT department.

The token arrived this week and one day after the request. So I sat down at the computer to log on. And that was when I discovered that my password had expired. Ugh! I called our helpdesk and explained that I needed a password reset. Sure, we will e-mail the new password to you.

Um, I can not log in to the system because my password is expired. So there is no way I can check my e-mail to get the new password. They then said that they could call and leave it on my voicemail. Sure, no problem. Except the number on file is my old phone number. I asked if I could give them my new number. No was the reponse.

So now they have to e-mail my new password to my manager, who has to in turn e-mail it to me. Wow!

Hopefully, I will be able to acccess our systems before lunch today.


By the Sea said...

When something breaks on the ship, we use a computer program to encrypt the "stuff's broken" message because we don't want the whole world, especially the bad guys, to know that this or that piece of equipment is broken on so-and-so ship. This was all fun and games until the computer program itself broke. Then we had to break out the manuals from the 60's and manually encrypt the message asking for help fixing our computer program. That was one loooooong night!

Krissie said...

Email me your address at
and I'll put your cd in the mail!