Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Trip to Texas, Part I (The Drive)

After months of dreaming about, and weeks of planning it, our departure date finally arrived. Our plans called for us to leave at 9:00 p.m. But as is often the case with this family, we were running behind. About 9:45 - we finally pulled out of the drive, and onto the road. We made our first stop 3 minutes later, when the men decided they needed to make secure the motorcycles were securely strapped to the trailer. (Side note: We are in a 7 passenger R.V. with a 14 foot trailer holding 4 motorcycles...quite the site).

While the men checked out the bikes, we ladies had to push a stray dog out of the R.V. The men had forgotten to shut the door, and the poor puppy decided it wanted to go to Texas. After a few minutes we were on the road again. The night passed in rounds of DVD watching, dozing, and book reading. Lacey and London finally went out about 11 p.m. - and one by one we all drifted off. A gas stop at 2 a.m. in Columbus, a 4 a.m. driver switch somewhere in Alabama, and another gas stop in Alabama at 6 a.m. marked the passage of night into day. We made it to Louisiana
where we stopped for breakfast at McDonald's. We got a bit more gas, and hit the road again. And within an hour we were in Texas..... and that's when the real fun started.