Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Trip to Texas, Part III (Sunday)

When I last left you readers, I had just finished getting "inked". And while I loved my tattoo, I was nervous about what M's family would think. To overcome my nerves, we all went out for a drink. Then we called it a night.

On Sunday morning, M and I went to church with his cousin and her husband. They attend a Church that has a more contermpary service. We engaged in a several praise and worship songs that I loved - and the pastor offered a great sermon on Sampson and Delia - basically disucssing what happens when we give into temptation.

After church, we went back to M's Aunts house for Sunday lunch. I spent the first few hours attempting to hide the tattoo from his parents. But by the afternoon, one of his cousins had ratted me out. His Mom wasn't thrilled with it - but she is adjusting.

Sunday afternoon was spent grilling out and then crashing for a long nap. Sunday night we just hung around the house, laughing and talking. The girls finalized our plans for our shopping excursion on Monday and we called it a night.