Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Finding the Silver Lining

My last two posts have had sometime of a negative undertone. I've been complaining about being in Atlanta and away from home for a week. And while it is okay to be a tiny but upset about, I shouldn't be wallowing in self-pity. So today, I have decided to focus on the positive things about my week long-stay in Atlanta.

1) Staying in a hotel means I don't have to make up my bed.

2) Atlanta has Starbuck's.....lots of Starbuck's....there are 3 within a 5 minute drive of my hotel. And while I don't need to drink a lot of them. It will be easier to treat myself at least once this week. Back home I would have to drive 30 minutes.

3) Atlanta is home to several of my closest friends. From my college roomie, to my best guy friend, to Sarah - the first of group of girls to get married and become a Mommy.-- they are all here. And I will get to spend lots of time with all of them this week.

Finding the positive makes me feel better already!