Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I sure ain't Venus or Serena

Sunday, M and I went to play a few games of doubles tennis with a couple that we are friends with. I have only picked a tennis racket up three times in my life - and all three times were during lessons. And those lessons were nearly 4 years ago. So I knew that I would be bad...... I just didn't know how bad.

I was fine warming up as M and I volleyed the ball back and forth. I was decent on returning other serves. But when it came my time to serve, my performance went downhill fast. I couldn't get it over the net, then I got it over the net but not the proper box....and if I did manage to get a proper serve, I'd botch the return. At one point, I got so frustrated - I tossed my racket and stormed off the court.

It was a fine display of temper but it didn't solve anything. I cooled my heels for about 20 minutes then returned to the court. I stopped trying to play the game perfectly or by the rules, and just focused on moving and having fun. And I did.

M knows that I tend to have a perfectionist streak in me, so he has offered to work with me to improve my skills. Monday night we spent the better part of an hour at the courts, working on serves/returns/other nuisances of the game. I am sure I won't be playing in the US Open, but if we keep at it, I might be decent after all.

If nothing else, it counts as cardio.....lots of cardio.