Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Results

I tend not to discuss politics on this blog. The primary reason being I am not that well versed in them, but because I have also seen how quickly polite conversation can turn when politics are mixed in.

But on the morning after a historic night in our country, I felt the need to post. Let me just lay it out there, I voted for John McCain. I found that my political leanings and personal beliefs were more aligned with his than Barrack Obama. So when my candidate lost, I felt disspointment, and posted such on MySpace. What happened next horrified me?

I was deluged with messages, some of them from "friends" that I had to angry to "see a black man in power" and labeled me a racist. I am floored, shocked and hurt. I readily admit, I grew up in a small southern town where the race lines were present but never discussed. And I probably had some racisit views. But at 18, I met a greaty guy name Benjamin Roberts who helped me to learn about African Americans in ways that I hadn't previously, and who helped me to leave my myopic thought proccess behind. So it hurts that someone who quickly label me a racisit, simply because I voted for the other candidate.

I didn't vote for Obama. But he is our President-Elect, and when he swears in and takes office, he will be our President. And I will support him in that role - that is what Americans do - we stand behind our country and support her and her leaders.

But the interim, I hope that my voting choice does not continue to subject me to insults and accusations that are unfounded. And I pray for those who this morning are bothered by the results because of Obama's race - because that is wrong.

This post may be rambling, I am upset--- so I will end with this "God Bless America!"


Diana said...

I'm so sorry. The thing that I don't understand is why the color of Obama's skin is even an issue with people. I voted for him because I'm more aligned with what he stands for. He could have been purple for all I cared.

Skin color was totally irrelevant. Not voting him did not mean you're a racist. That's so ignorant and simply stupid.

Ignore those people. Their too stupid for their own good.

Just a note, my husband voted for McCain for the same reasons you did. I would never think of him as a racist, because he's not. And like you, now that Obama is the President Elect he will respect him and holds out great hope for him. As do I.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Ugh I'm sorry you were accused of that. Why can't people see that we actually vote on MORALS and not color? I have NO problem with a black man being President, I just have a problem with Obama... red or yellow black or white. It's what he stands for. But as you said, he is our President and we will deal. I'm sorry you were hurt :(.