Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving Thanks

Bloggers across the blogsphere are posting the things that they are thankful for, so I am going to follow their lead and share my own list.

1) My Salvation thru Jesus Christ.

2) An amazing fiance who always stands by me, supports my dreams, loves me unconditionally, and still puts up with me when I am moody snappy ill-butt.

3) My Parents who've sacrificed over the years so that I could have the things I wanted and do things I wanted to do.

4) My family - sister, brother-in-law, two adorable nieces, Granny, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins - they are always their to help.

5) M's family - which treats me as though I am one of their own already.

6) My awesome friends who have helped me to create a million wonderful memories of crazy times. And who've been my shoulder to cry on and the voice of reason when I was going nuts.

7) My Church - especially our rock on fabulous youth group.

8) To live in America

I know that there are hundreds more things to be thankful, clothes, job car..... this post could go on forever. But I'll end it with this:

Happy Thanksgiving!