Monday, November 24, 2008

117 Days to Go

The wedding planning has taken a backburner recently - as I've been focused on work and preparing our home for the upcoming holidays. But now that the Christmas tree is up, the holiday dishes are unpacked, and our holiday plans are finalized, I can refous on the wedding.

Today was all about our wedding website. Unlike other couples, who often host their site thru a major wedding webiste (which I won't mention here), M and I wanted something different. Lucky for us, one of my dearest friends runs his own web design company. And as a wedding gift, offered to design and host our site fo us.

He and I had been conversing at lenght about my vision for the site - colors, themes, schemes, you name it. I am sure of all my requests had him nervous, as when he e-mail me the preview he said "Please don't hate it."

So do I hate it? No, I absolutely love it. The site's design exceeds even my wildest dreams. He has incorporated our colors, our florals, and us into an awesome site. The full site should be up and running by week's end, at which time, I'll link it here.

Mark one more item of the ever growing to do list. Now, I have to find a great d.j.