Saturday, November 22, 2008

Comfort Food - The Healthy Way

The frigid winter weather has found it's way to South Georgia. And with it comes the urge to burrow under layers of blankets, sip hot coffee and indulge in lots of warm comfort food.

The winter season (and the holidays) tend to be a rough time for me - health wise. It seems as though I forget all the hard work I've been doing all year long, and start doing everything wrong. My biggest tempation is the comfort food that makes it appearance during this time. After all, it is hard to picture eating salads when it is 30 degrees outside.

So once again, my body is yearning for someting warm and feeling to eat. And I am giving into those urges, but with healthier versions. Take today for example.

Instead of drowning my oatmeal is loads of butter and brown sugar, I opted to take a page out of Angie's book and added a tablespoon of Peanut Butter and a few chocolate chips to the bowl. Wow! It was even better than the old version.

Tonight we are having a chilli dinner at M's brother and sister-in-law's home. I am brining my turkey chilli - high in taste, low in fat.....and oh so perfect on a cold night.

Do you have comfort foods that you must have in the cold months, but aren't the healthiest? If so, how do you make them better for you?


Krista said...

Gotta love comfort foods that make you feel good while you eat them and after :)