Monday, February 16, 2009

Wedding Favors

Help!!! My future MIL wants us to give out wedding favors at the reception. I am fine with that - in fact I feel bad I haven't thought about it before. But I don't want traditional favors or ones that appear cheap. Do you guys have any ideas about awesome wedding favors?


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

The wedding we went to in November gave out cute little decorated bags of whole coffee beans. One scoop per bag. Everyone loved them.

sueh said...

My husband and I gave out small New Testaments at our wedding reception. It was our witness to what we believe and how God had brought us together. We expressed our faith in God in everything we did at our wedding ceremony, reception and in the gift we gave. We wanted to give something that had lasting value and perhaps could change someone's life for the good.

Pro Deo et Patria said...

We had a connection to Hersheys chocolate since Maria was from near there. We found a website that would custom-design the chocolate bar wrapper. The front had our names on it, the back had things like the day we met, our first date, and the date of our engagement. The "nutrition information" was something like one part kindness, two parts patience, etc. etc.

M&M Mars Corp. has a similar idea - you can get custom M&M's with your initials in place of the M.

Erika said...

Customized labels for the drinks at your wedding turn your beverages into neat personalized favors. We bought custom bottled water labels from and they were perfect at our wedding. Our guests loved that they could take them home.