Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Recap

Once again, the magical Christmas season has come and gone. In its wake it has left a hundred precious memories, and a few extra pounds on my figure, neither of which I would trade for anything.

My Christmas celebration began on the evening of the 23rd when I shared supper with my Mema's family. Mema is the mother-in-law of my Aunt Gail. Although Mema and I share no blood relation, I consider her a member of my family and a pseudo-grandmother, so I was honored that she asked me join her children and grandchildren for the annual Christmas gathering. My honor was heightened when I discovered that she had prepared a small gift for me to unwrap along with the others. The meal itself was fantastic - turkey, ham, dressing, green beans, mac and cheese, crescent rolls, and more desserts than I care to remember.

Christmas Eve was a continuous cycle of eating, unwrapping presents, and then repeating. Debra, Jamie, Jennifer, Barry and Hannah joined Aunt Gail and I for a Christmas Eve lunch - after we had to cancel our celebration at Debra's home due to Brooke's illness. As soon as all parties arrived, I was ready to dive into the gifts - not because I was overly eager to see what lay beneath the tree for me, but because I was ready to show Debra the memory slideshow that I had made for her gift. However, I was outvoted, and we ate first. Then I unveiled my secret - Debra hadn't suspected a thing, and was moved to tears by my efforts. SUCCESS! After the slideshow, Debra unwrapped her presents from both Jamie and Jen/Barry/Hannah. Taking our cue, the adults exchanged gifts, then settled back to watch Hannah unwrap her gifts. She was so adorable as she carefully unwrapped each package and then oohed and ahhed over it.

Later that night, I went back to Jamie's place, where we braved another round of food and gift exchanges. This time we had the pleasure of watching three children unwrap presents - Brooke, Michael, and Hannah turned the living room into a life size toy box, as the paper and boxes went flying. A lot of hugs and thank yous were given out - which made the moment that much sweeter. After the departure of the Smiths and the Edwards, Jamie, Debra and I settled down in the living room just to relax and unwind. Jamie decided that he wanted to try on the shirts that I had purchased for him. He went into his bedroom, and emerged a few moments later with his shirts, and "something for me to try on as well". I nervously eyed the golden Kay jewelers gift back - thinking it was perhaps a trick - since he had almost convinced me that my gift came from Bass Pro Shop. But I was pleasantly surprised and moved to find, that my wonderful boyfriend had purchased me a new set of diamond earrings - the absolute perfect gift.

Christmas morning came early for Jamie and I - we were up at 7 and on the road to my parent's house by 8 a.m. We shared a lovely "Southern-style" breakfast with my parents, and around 10:30, my sister and brother-in-law joined us for the unwrapping of gifts. I delighted in watching my nephew attempt to unwrap his gifts. For each gift, I would have to wrestle the wrapping paper out of his mouth, then he would sample the box, before finally looking at me as though I should open his gifts. After all the presents were unwrapped, the annual Christmas photos were taken in front of our tree, and we all sat down to Christmas dinner. Following Christmas dinner, we traveled to my Aunt's home in Savannah to share another meal with my Dad's extended family. By the time Jamie and I arrived back in Ellabell, we were each stuffed to the gills.

Yesterday, Aunt Gail and I hit the mall in search of a deals during the "After Christmas Sales". Then Jamie and I shared dinner and a movie with a few friends of his. Today, we shared lunch, a game of putt put, and ice cream with the same friends and their darling daughters. Then tonight, we met my parents and Aunt Gail for supper.

As you can see, it has a been a busy holiday season, but a blessed one. I hope that each of you shared a joyous day with your family as well.


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