Monday, December 05, 2005

Simple Things

It is the simple things in life that bring me the greatest joy (and often peace). Here's a list of the simple things I was able to enjoy today

1. A late night phone call from my special someone, just because I needed to hear his voice.
2. The sound of a soft rain on my roof.
3. Escaping the weather by curling up with a warm blanket and good book.
4. Dinner with my family.
5. Teaching my 4 year old cousin new Christmas carols/songs while we viewed Christmas decorations around town.
6. Watching my best friend's face light up and knowing that I picked the perfect gift for her.
7. Having a best friend who knows me so well, that she is able to pick the perfect gift for me in return.

Often my life is a frenzied cycle of work, school, and various other responsbilities. Therefore, I am grateful for days like today - where I have no time clock to punch, no deadlines to meet, just complete freedom to enjoy myself and the company of cherished friends and family.


GTMayhem said...

you suck. nothing to do... while here I am, sick as can be and in the middle of exams. go away and don't remind me how miserable my life is right now.