Sunday, January 29, 2006

Alive and kicking...

Last week, the author of one of the blobs I read daily stated that it is the obligation of a blogger to update daily, if for no other reason than to inform his/her readers that they are indeed alive and well. Although I agree with the sentiment in theory, I find it hard to put it into practice.

Now that the semester is in full swing, my life has resumed a somewhat frantic pace. And as such, I find myself using my spare time (what little there is...) for other things - studying, sleeping, the occasional workout. In doing so, great expanses of time elapse and my beloved readers (All 3 of you ;-) ) are left to wonder about the happenings in my corner of the world.

Well, here it is - dear readers - albeit slightly delayed, the latest installment of my "Reflections".

Plans Change

I have decided to delay my graduation until the end of summer semester. In order to complete my Masters degree by May - I would need to complete 4 classes, a thesis, a thesis defense, and 2 rounds of comprehensive exit exams. Couple those requirements with a 40 hour work week and well....I don't want to imagine what would happen. Therefore, I decided to drop one of my course and delay graduation by 2 months.

Girls night out ... or in proves to be fun

On Friday night, I enjoyed dinner, drinks, and dancing with Lotte and Jessica. Although things got a bit rowdy after dinner, the evening was quite enjoyable and I was safely tucked in bed before the bewitching hour. On Saturday night, Holly and I planned our own girls night out, but after dinner it turned into "Girls Night In" as we piled up on her couches to watch movies.

So that's it in nut shell - delayed graduation and hanging out with the girls. A simple life compared to some of my friends, but for me its more than enough.


GTMayhem said...

"a simple life compared to some of my friends"

Is that referring to anyone in particular? Because if it's me... in the words of AFR... "hey, I resemble that remark!" But actually, my life is not really all that complicated. Just class, work, party, and drink.