Saturday, May 20, 2006

Down the Dirt Road

Six years ago, I packed all my worldly possessions into a rented Ford Windstar and left the tiny town of Alma - vowing never to return to small town life. Eighteen years of living in "one-horse town" had left me yearning for the big city . And for the next four years, I would live and love in Hot 'Atlanta.

However, all that glittered in the city wasn't gold. The faster pace of life began to slowly erode my soul, my peace of mind. The feelings of restlessness that once characterized my life in Alma returned. By the end of my time at Tech, I had come to realize that I wanted to return to a simpler place, a simpler time. And thus, I moved to Brooklet.

In Atlanta, I feel asleep to the distance sounds of sirens and the glow of neon lights. Now, my nightime lullabye is a blend of the breeze moving thru the pines, crickets, and the occasional song of a whipperwhill. I traded in 8 lane highways for a bumpy, dusty dirt road. The only traffic jams down here are when the tractors are on the road. My city slickers friends come to visit and find themselves going crazy by the end of their stay.

But for me, this is a little slice of heaven.


By the Sea said...

Sugarland's "Gotta Be Something More" is playing in my head as I read your post. I think it's apropos.